Object-Oriented Ontogenetic Programming (OOOP)
What is OOOP?

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OOOP is a new programming paradigm which adopts nature by creating computer programs that consist of many parts interacting with each other like the cells in a multicellular creature. This promises to make the programs become as adaptive, fault tolerant and efficient problem solvers as are cell clusters in living beings.

In the Object-Oriented Ontogenetic Programming System (OOOPS) created by Peter Schmutter, the OOOP paradigm is combined with an extended Genetic Programming approach for breeding such "multicellular programs".

The main work which gave rise to the OOOP paradigm and includes many other new ideas is the publication "Object-Oriented Ontogenetic Programming: Breeding Computer Programs that Work Like Multicellular Creatures".

You can get a first overview of the ideas by looking at the first presentation of OOOP. A summary of the thesis, results of first experiments and an outlook on future work can be found in the second presentation.

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